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Teacher Retirement Poem
on Parchment

A poetry keepsake is a memorable teacher retirement gift.  This retirement poem is embossed on an 8 by 10 inch Parchment and is enclosed in a black certificate holder.  The first half of the 4 verse poem is shown below:

    You have shared with your students,
    the knowledge for them to succeed.

    You have cared for your students,
    when they were in times of need . . .

$17.99 RJM1005

1.  Retiree's Name:  

2.  School's Name:  

3.  Employment History:  

Use steps 1 - 3 to personalize your poem.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the traditional way to show a person's employment history?

    For employment greater than 10 years, it's customary to display the number of years of service, "10 Years of Service".  For shorter lengths, it's common to show the beginning and ending dates (June 1, 1994 - March 15, 1998).

  2. May we see the entire poem before purchase?

    Our poems are original copyrighted creations.  Unfortunately, we do not display the entire poems before purchase to prevent unlawful distribution.  We hope to prevent people from illegally printing our poems on their home printers.

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