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Retirement Party Ideas and Planning

Retirement Party Basics

Take a trip on
Memory Lane!
A Retirement Party is a signficant milestone.  Take a trip down memory lane and share your stories with the retiree's family, friends and co-workers.
Keep it simple. Many retirement parties feature a dinner in honor of the retiree but it's okay to simply have a few co-workers and friends gather around a cake in the office, school or factory cafeteria.  If you decide upon a dinner, remember to include some of the retiree's favorite foods.

Retirement Speeches

Say a few Words! The retirement speech (or speeches) is an important part of the retirement party.  Ask co-workers and friends to say a few nice words.  This is as important to the retirement party as the best man's toast is to a wedding.
Laugh and Cry. Begin the toast with a humorous story or anecdote about the retiree's career.  Then, after the guests have enjoyed a gentle laugh, say a few sincere, heart-felt words about the retiree's career, family or hobbies.  When done well, there may be a few tears of joy but everyone will cherish the moment, specially the retiree.

Retirement Gifts

Gifts are nice! The retiree's employer should always provide a sincere gift.  Apart from that, friends and co-workers may offer the retiree both humorous and sincere retirement gifts.  It's also fun to give the retiree a few retirement gag gifts that always liven up a party.

Retirement Poems

Write Poems! Surprise the guest of honor by having some co-workers and friends write poems about the retiree.  These may be sincere, funny, short or long.  The retirement poems are a nice way to place a personal touch on the party.  If you need a thoughtful poem customized with the retiree's name, consider our retirement poems with Rosewood frames.

Retirement Scrapbooks

Write a Newsletter! A very creative retirement party idea is to make a scrapbook, false company newsletter or fake newspaper of the retirement with a couple of different articles about the retiree.  Find a few appropriate pictures of the retiree's career, family or friends and write a couple of words about them.

Retirement Themes

Find a Theme! It's always a nice touch to set the theme of the party around the retiree's favorite activities.  This may be as simple as displaying a few noteworthy pictures from his or her past or just referencing the retiree's plans for retirement. 800-616-7322
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