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Retirement Gag Gifts
Funny Retirement Gifts

We feature retirement gag gifts and funny retirement gifts for any Retirement party. Whether you are looking for the classic Retirement Fortune Teller (a bit more mature than the one from your youth) or the Retirement Sex Book, we have the funny retirement gag gifts for your party.

retirement gag gift award ribbon
Award Ribbon:
Retirement Gag Gift

This retirement gag gift is an Award Ribbon with the words Retired Let the Games Begin.

retirement gag gift crying towel
Crying Towel:
Retirement Gag Gift

This funny retirement gift is a crying towel that says Retired, Tears of Joy, Crying Towel.

funny retirement gift decision dice
Decision Maker Dice:
Retirement Gag Gift

This funny 6 sided red dice has funny ways to spend retirement like napping, golfing or fishing.

retirement gag gift fortune teller
Fortune Teller:
Retirement Gag Gift

The funny retirement Fortune Teller has 20 different answers for all of your retirement questions.
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funny retirement parking permit
Parking Permit:
Retirement Gag Gift

Funny novelty parking permit for the retirees car, Official Retired on front and a poem on the back.

funny retirement golf balls
Retirement Golf Balls: Retirement Gag Gift
Set of golf balls with a man and woman embracing that says Call Me For Sex.
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gag gift retirement candy pills
Retirement Candy Pills:
Funny Retirement Gift

This retirement gag gift is a medicine style bottle filled with candy pills.
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gag retirement sex book
Retirement Sex Book:
Funny Retirement Gift

This retirement gag book has the title Sex After Retirement.
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funny retirement parking sign
Retiree Parking Sign:
Funny Retirement Gift

This funny retirement parking sign has the words Retiree Parking Only, All Others Will Be Towed.

retirement gift set
Retirement Starter Kit
The Retirement Starter Kit has a Retirement button, checklist, parking permit and bottle of Bi-Aggrah candies.

funny retirement lotto cards
Retirement Lotto Cards:
Funny Retirement Gift

The Retiree will scratch the stars of these gag retirement lotto cards to reveal retirement possibilities.

funny retirement yo yo
Retirement Yo Yo:
Funny Retirement Gift

This funny retirement yo yo Yo has the words Retirement Physical Fitness Device written on the side.

gag retirement button
Gag Retirement Button:
Funny Retirement Gift

This funny retirement gag gift button features the words Officially Retired.
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